Saturday, July 17, 2010

Faces of Turquoise

One of my designer earrings in turquoise at

My daughter arose the love for turquoise in my designing life and I have been researching the colors of turquoise. I did not know how many there were and how rare some if it could be.

I have been working with the red and blue with some earrings designs that can be viewed and bought at It really stands out and I can see now why she loves it so much. These are just some of the colors and shapes of modern designs.

Turquoise can make your jewelry very casual or very dressed up. Using it with vintage items gives it a very elegant look and style. Using it with brass or copper especially the gunmetal or fired red metals gives it that casual go with anything look.

However you use it in yours designs, turquoise is great in any color or style. Many shops sell turquoise and handmade jewelry at Give it a look and maybe experiment with a style to suit you.

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