Monday, October 4, 2010

Handmade from the woods

Here are just some of the things around my home in North Florida. Red dogwood tree berries.
Painted white china berries

Dried china berries

Squirrel's after lunch specials, stripped pinecones.

Lots and lots of acorns.

Dried and cut palmetta,cones,and dried wildflowers or sometime called weeds.

Dried roadside grasses and goldenrod.

A wonderful fall wild berry bush. Leaves don't last long but berries will last for a week or more.P

Pine limbs and fruits.

I can remember when my mom used a holly tree from my uncle's farm for a Christmas tree and put blue lights on it and placed it by the front room window.

Take time to look around the yard,woods,roadside or even a florist shop will have discards for free or little of nothing cost.

Many things beautiful can be saved from being cut down or thrown away, just look around and a good walk at the same time.

Both my girls were raised to look around for treasures thrown away by someone else. With a little love and sometimes spray paint a beautiful centerpiece or home decor is ready in minutes.

Have fun with natural decorations and look around your yard and don't forget to look up.

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